Welcome to ZINC-22

The database is organized in generations, a-z. Currently, g is "ZINC20 in stock". The biggest generation (by far) is n, followed by x, followed by f. Other than g, the generations have no publicly announced meaning, but are simply ways to break the database up into chunks to make it easier to prepare by collaborative effort.

Some data is password protected, to preserve patentability of chemical matter by preventing it from showing up freely available on the internet. When protected, the user id is the acronym for G protein coupled receptors, all small case, four letters. The password is a widely used four letter abbreviation of crystal, all small case, four letters. We hope this helps prevent never-been-made molecules in these from losing their may-be-patented-for-composition-of-matter status.

Last updated by John Irwin, Friday October 7, 2022.